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Software - Privacy

How to choose a browser for your daily use?
Lifting the veil - how to test browsers for spyware
Essential privacy (or other) addons
Forum Classification Project - which forums (don't) get in your way?
E-mail providers - which one to choose?
Fake privacy / security initiatives
Mozilla - Devil Incarnate

Software - Other

Useful Linux software you might not know about
Salix OS - a hidden gem among Linux distributions
Refuting Freetardism
Principles of bad software design
What Windows got right
Linux Essentials


Avoiding "The Botnet" - impossible?
Technological slavery
Capitalism will die - but will it take us with it?
The dangers of artificial intelligence

Video games

Sid Meier's Pirates - game recommendation

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Spyware Watchdog - which software spies on you and how?
Salix Linux distribution

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