Please use PGP when E-mailing me - it's not that hard. Also, I don't give out RiseUp invite codes. I have a new XMPP address - The current chatroom is, with no backup.

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E-mail meE-mail: digdeeper@disroot.orgE-mail me
XMPPXMPP: digdeeper@jabber.lqdn.frXMPP
XMPPCurrent group chat: spyware@conference.nuegia.netXMPP

OMEMO fingerprint: 48DD8BF9 3A3721B4 52C6E2BF C15FB4FF 682E83F3 3A813767 49FA94E8 94E1AA4F

We do not use OMEMO in the group chat anymore, however you can message the specific participants using OMEMO directly. For that, you will need an OMEMO compatible client (Psi, Dino, Gajim, Pidgin, Conversations, ChatSecure...) and server ( - not always reliable; used to list Disroot as OMEMO-supporting when it wasn't) For Pidgin, OMEMO works through the lurch plugin, so install it and enable through Tools > Plugins. For Gajim, you need OmemoGajimPlugin. If you have a problem, message me and I will try to help.