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Coronavirus scare and the blueprint for slavery

- Introduction -
- What really happened? -
- How dangerous is the new coronavirus? -
- Analyzing infection rates -
- Analyzing death rates -
- Analyzing contagion -
- Sweden versus Belarus (The Panic Destroyer)
- Other fake claims -
- Theory of origin -
- Microbes - the basics -
- Do the authorities have our best interests in mind? -
- Okay, so...what is the origin of the virus? -
- The blueprint for slavery -
- Plans of the elites and how they'll be reached (or not) -
- If this was not a PSY-OP -
- Additional resources -


December 30, 2019. Li Wenliang, a doctor at the Wuhan Central Hospital, told his colleagues that 7 people were diagnosed with SARS infections that were traced back to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, and that precautions should be taken. A few days later, Li was "educated" by the police to "not spread rumors". In the end, he was proven right - patients were coming in with a "new type of coronary pneumonia" and one of them even infected him on January 12 (translation graciously provided by the Big G botnet):

I was very worried at first, but the doctor would comfort me every day when I went to the ward. I am no longer feverish, and my mental state is better than a few days ago. I believe the hospital and the doctor, I will definitely be cured.
After recovering, I want to quickly return to the front line and continue to see the patient.

So he was on his way to health. His parents also got infected and fully recovered:

My parents also had fever and other symptoms after me. The lung CT showed ground-glass lesions. They are being treated in other hospitals in Wuhan, but they are all fine now, without any problems

However, he ended up dying (archive), even though he wasn't in the age group (34) that dies from corona:

And yet, his parents - aged over 60 - have been able to recover without any problems. There's more suspicious things about this story. Take a look at Li's photo from Wikipedia:

Now the photo of the allegedly sick Li:

Looks like a completely different guy. Face shape, hair and eyes seem to differ, but the biggest clue is the lack of moles on the first photo, which happen to exist in the second. This would not have been the first time the elites replaced someone - there's extremely strong evidence (archive) that they've done just that with Stephen Hawking. Also, why was Li reported as dead, and later revived (archive)? Clearly, the official story already stinks with fakery from a thousand miles - so let's dig deeper into this case:

What really happened?

October 18, 2019. A New York City hotel is holding a pandemic drill (archive) which is supposed to educate the world leaders on what to do if such a situation arose in real life. You can check out the full list of participants here (archive) - for now, just note that it contained people both from the USA and China. The highlight video of the event mentions stuff such as:

Literally everything stated in the video has later happened in the real world. But the single piece of evidence that seals the deal is the fact that they mentioned a novel coronavirus right at the start - instead of any one of the hundreds other possible infections (archive). How could they have known, if this wasn't planned in advance? They said (archive) that this wasn't a prediction and that the simulation was based on SARS (archive) (also a coronavirus) - but again, why not any of the other possible infections? And why did they get everything else right? These vermin have engineered this so-called pandemic and now - by saying it's a coincidence, lol - are mocking us right into our faces.

How dangerous is the new coronavirus?

Analyzing infection rates

On February 11, the amount of worldwide cases was 45134. Of course, that wasn't enough for the scaremongers so they started including clinically diagnosed cases (archive), which means they used symptoms, instead of actual testing - adding 15152 cases in one day. That's much better for our super serious pandemic. UPDATE: more fakery coming in - turns out they double-counted (archive) tens of thousands UK test results. I suspect they've done similar things in many other countries, so the overall amount will be way overreported. Even if we let that slide - the statistics can't be relied upon since the tests are only 20% accurate:

When the infection rate of the close contacts and the sensitivity and specificity of reported results were taken as the point estimates, the positive predictive value of the active screening was only 19.67%

This means that - out of five people tested positive for the novel coronavirus - only one of them actually has it. There will also be people who are tested negative, yet do actually have the virus (archive):

One problem is the test can have minor errors. Primers can grab onto a piece of DNA in the wrong way or be led astray by contamination from a previous sample or the throat swab may not contain enough virus. All these could lead to a wrong result. Chinese scientists say in practice, just 30-50 percent of infected patients test positive.

Some people are even tested positive (archive) days after already recovering and being released from the hospital after two negative tests:

Four medical professionals with COVID-19 who met the criteria for hospital release or lifting of quarantine in China had positive real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) results 5 to 13 days later, according to a research letter published yesterday in JAMA.

The mainstream interpretation, of course, was that they haven't actually recovered and still had the virus. If so, why did two tests come out negative? The saner interpretation is that the test is a total joke. And yet, everyone takes the statistics based on this crap as gospel. Of course, you could say it's just the Chinese test, but since that's the place with the highest amount of cases, it still invalidates a significant percentage of the stats. Of course, China was also sending (archive) the faulty tests to other countries, some of which rejected them (archive). The WHO test, developed in Germany, is allegedly more accurate (archive). UPDATE: actually, just forget it. It's June, and half a year has passed since COVID-19 appeared, yet they still don't have a test worth shit. Read this and weep:

Zalman Goldstein has received results for six Covid-19 tests he has taken since mid-April. Three were positive, and three were negative. The contradictory results—including two on the same day that came back with different answers—have made it impossible for Mr. Goldstein, who is 74 years old, to schedule a medical procedure his doctor recommended before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Two different test results during the same day - plus four other tests elsewhere - and the guy still has no idea whether he has corona. A look at a crystal ball would likely give him more clue. Remember, also, that even the German test also react with other bat viruses, not just nCov:

To show that the assays will detect other bat-associated SARS-related viruses, we tested bat-derived fecal samples available from Drexler et al., (3) und Muth et al., (4) using the novel assays [...] All samples were successfully tested positive by the E gene assay.

So, if you had some other bat virus, you might also test positive for nCov. Viruses mutate all the time and there's lots of undiscovered ones - who knows how many of those would trigger the test? Either way, all a positive result means (at best) is that you have a certain DNA / RNA sequence in your body, which does not necessarily translate to disease or a potential to infect someone else. I say "at best" because faults inherent in PCR testing (archive) exist:

The success of rRT-PCR testing depends on several factors, including the experience and expertise of laboratory personnel, laboratory environment (e.g., avoidance of contamination), and the type and condition of specimens being tested.

UPDATE November 2020: now the courts have gotten involved, and they have confirmed what was obvious all along - the tests are totally worthless. With the way they're used in most countries, the accuracy isn't even the 20% that was thought before - but a puny 3% (or even less). This means that 97% of people who are tested positive are not actually sick and unable to infect others. And so, the pandemic of paranoia and slavery was based on nothing substantial at all, and we've all suffered for it. Let's look at the scientific proof:

It can be observed that at Ct = 25, up to 70% of patients remain positive in culture and that at Ct = 30 this value drops to 20%. At Ct = 35, the value we used to report a positive result for PCR, <3% of cultures are positive.

Let me unpack this so it's more understandable. What the PCR tests are trying to do is find out if you have a certain RNA molecule in your body (the alleged new coronavirus). To do that, they need to amplify the sample enough so that it becomes detectable. Ct is the number of times the RNA molecule is being amplified. The more cycles you use, the less of the RNA you need for a positive test result. To be sick or infectious requires certain amount of the virus in your body - so if you have just a little of it, it will be harmless. But just how much is needed? That's what the cited study was set to show:

Most countries use 35 or more cycles for their tests, and at that point, the amount of the virus RNA in your body is so small as to be irrelevant; with that amount, only 3% of the samples in culture have the ability to be infectious. To reach 50% chance of infectivity, you must use at most 25 cycles - any more and the test's accuracy and usefulness sharply drops. And the fact that the authorities do not use those parameters proves they want as many cases as possible - even if they're fake. Anyway, the Portuguese court has ruled that quarantining (imprisoning) people due to a positive test result is now illegal (translation by a friend ^_^):

By decision in 2020-08-26, the providing of an habeas corpus was granted, because the detention was proven illegal, determining, immediate restitution of freedom for the "people requiring it" (I don't know the word in english, but means that)

Now all we need is for other countries to follow - though I don't foresee the legal system helping us win the war, it's at least some kind of positive development. The other issue with the tests is that we don't often know which countries use what kinds of tests. Some have developed their own that were contaminated (archive) - so it's conceivable you could be getting infected from those (how ironic). Even if we assumed the tests were perfect, the people going to be tested are the ones who already have symptoms. See the testing policy for one of the US hospitals (archive):

He explained that the most eligible to receive testing for coronavirus are those who are already very sick with something such as pneumonia, or an individual who already requires use of a respirator.

Or the Indian policy (archive):

India has only been testing those who have travelled from affected countries or come in contact with a confirmed case and shown symptoms after two weeks of quarantine. On Tuesday it added health care workers with symptoms who are treating patients with severe respiratory illnesses.

This is how it works in most countries. Assuming the policies are followed, the people without symptoms - who would be likely to test negative - will mostly stay at home (selection bias). Therefore, the testing criteria will overestimate the percentage of positive cases. Even if we take the stats at face value (despite the problems with test inaccuracy and selection bias), the amount of infections still seems to be low in most countries. E.g as of today (June 23, data from worldometer) the UK has 67 875 245 people living in it. With 8 309 929 of those having been tested and 306 201 turning out positive gives us a percentage of 3.6 - or 0.45% per whole population (one person per 200). The whole crisis has been manufactured because of something that almost no one will actually get! Of course, not everyone has been tested so the real figure will be somewhat higher - but due to the aforementioned selection bias - likely much less so than 3.6%. Compare that to something like diabetes, which is not only much more dangerous but also lots more people have it - 8.3% in Italy (archive) or 10.5% in Spain (archive). Which is the one you hear more about? But wait, that's not an infectious disease - I hear you say. We get the flu every year, and the percentage of cases seems higher than with corona now - e.g 7.7% (archive) during the 2017-2018 USA season. And yet, there has never been even half as much ado about the flu compared to COVID! Anyway, okay - the amount of carriers might not be anything to worry about too much. But still, lots of them are dying from the virus, aren't they?

Analyzing the death rates

The people who are actually dying are either old or suffer from other diseases. Check this out (archive):

On Tuesday, the number of fatalities in England increased by 14. NHS England said those who died were aged between 45 and 93 and all had underlying health conditions.

So, 14 new cases, and not a single one can be confirmed to actually have died from corona. Yet, in the statistics, all the deaths will of course be attributed to the virus - despite the fact that heart disease or diabetes have no problem killing on their own, both being in the top 10 causes of death. For more confirmation, go through this site (archive), and you'll see the vast majority of reported deaths are either old people or ones with underlying conditions. In fact, it seems that it's almost impossible to die (archive) without those pre-existing diseases:

What about Italy, which has the highest death rate out of all the countries? Funnily enough, this is the strongest example for proving my thesis. According to Silvio Brusaferro (archive) - head of Italy's health institute - not one of the over 4000 deaths has been confirmed to be from corona:

Rome, 13 mar 19: 12- (Agenzia Nova) - people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who had no other pathologies, could be only two. This is what appears from the medical records examined so far by the Istituto superiore di sanità, according to the president of the Institute, Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. "Positive deceased patients have an average of over 80 years - 80.3 to be exact - and are basically predominantly male"
Only two people were not at the moment carriers of pathologies, but even in these two cases, the examination of the records is not concluded and could, therefore, emerge causes of death other than Covid-19.

Translation graciously provided by the Yandex botnet. So, not only were the people who died old (look at the chart at the top of this report to realize anyone under age 60 is pretty much immune), but they've also all had chronic diseases - both massive causes of death that certainly don't need help from some puny virus. The deaths are also almost all from heavily polluted areas (archive) - yet another contributing factor independent of corona. Despite that, they will be all attributed to COVID-19 in the stats. More recent evidence shows hospitals in the US are actually paid for putting COVID-19 on the death certificates (archive). If that doesn't prove a conspiracy to hike up the death rates, nothing will. Okay, so the virus doesn't appear too harmful - but I've heard it's extremely contagious. What about that?

Analyzing contagion

What would you guess is the probability of catching the virus if you live with someone who already has it? According to the media hype, you'd think it's pretty much a certainty. And yet the WHO's report tells a different story:

preliminary studies ongoing in Guangdong estimate the secondary attack rate in households ranges from 3-10%

What about non-family specific close contacts?

As of 17 February, in Shenzhen City, among 2842 identified close contacts, 2842 (100%) were traced and 2240 (72%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 88 (2.8%) were found to be infected with COVID-19.
As of 17 February, in Sichuan Province, among 25493 identified close contacts, 25347 (99%) were traced and 23178 (91%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 0.9% were found to be infected with COVID-19.
As of 20 February, in Guangdong Province, among 9939 identified close contacts, 9939 (100%) were traced and 7765 (78%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 479 (4.8%) were found to be infected with COVID-19.

So, 38274 people - who were all in close contact with someone infected - were tested in three different locations, and the overall rate of contagion was a puny 3.1%. To better visualise this: imagine a corona-infected person shaking hands with 100 different people - only 3 of them will catch the virus. Of course, the types and durations of "close contacts" will be different, but you can expect the average contagion rate to be about 3%. For a practical example, check this (archive).

Summarizing: 350 people were traveling from Wuhan to Toronto; one of them was positive for corona (confirmed through 2 different tests, each repeated twice). The flight lasted 15 hours, and despite there being 25 close contacts with the infected person, not one of them caught the virus. UPDATE: found another very well done study which supports low contagion. What they authors did was trace the close contacts of the 100 corona-infected people, locked them up after the last time they've met up during the study period, and checked if they got sick. What were the results?

In this case-ascertained study of 100 cases of confirmed COVID-19 and 2761 close contacts, the overall secondary clinical attack rate was 0.7%

Amazing - the killer virus can't even muster enough strength to infect 1 person per 100. Anyway - for honesty's sake - the study mostly tested only the people who actually got symptoms. But if the killer virus is sitting in your body harmlessly, what's the problem? Shouldn't the point be to avoid disease instead of a label? However, they did test even some asymptomatic people:

For high-risk populations, including household and hospital contacts, RT-PCR was performed regardless of symptoms.

For family and household, the contagion rate was somewhat higher - about 5%. This is still 95 out of 100 people living together with a COVID-19 case who will avoid infection. What about some studies that appear to show higher rates? Let's check one out (archive):

The secondary attack rate of SARS-CoV-2 in household is 16.3%

Oh no, 16%! I'm already hiding under my bed. This study measured only household infections, so it has no relevance to random outside "close contacts". Anyway, even the 16% isn't valid when you consider this gem:

The quarantined contacts who had symptoms were inspected at least 4 times by SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR until their tests were positive.

Hahahahaha. So, the way they got this contagion rate is thanks to fraud. Literally - repeat the test until we get the results we want. Thanks for the admission. But how many journalists will pick this bit up? And how many studies just completely avoid mentioning such information? But I digress. Anyway, when a study is properly done (the previous one only had one test per person), COVID fails to show an infectivity worth worrying about. Recall, also, that the virus does not spread by touching surfaces (archive) despite what the authorities were scaring us with all this time. Okay, so it's obvious they ran a scare campaign based on nonexistent, bad or fake data. Let's put the final nail in the coffin for the official narrative so we can move on to more important stuff:

Sweden versus Belarus (The Panic Destroyer)

Recently a claim is being spread (archive) that Sweden has the highest COVID death rate in the world because of their weak response to the pandemic. Let us analyze it and we'll see that - contrary to supporting the fearmongers policies - it totally destroys them. First, let's check out Sweden's restrictions (archive):

primary schools remain open, borders are only partially closed, there are no compulsory quarantines or shutdowns of restaurants, bars, or public spaces

I'd say Sweden's response was much saner than the other countries'. After all, in most places Coronavirus transmission simply doesn't happen (archive). However, social distancing was still recommended and public gatherings of more than 50 people banned. What were the results? As of writing this (June 22), Sweden has 10 097 695 people living in it; 385 695 of them were tested for coronavirus. Of those tested, 56 043 (14.5%) came out positive. Belarus, on the other hand - has a population of 9 449 390. They tested 876 639 people for COVID (more than twice the amount of Sweden) and 59 023 (6.7%) of those came out positive. So, very similar population size and yet Belarus has less than half coronavirus cases. Here's a worldometer screenshot so that no one claims I've made up the data:

Anyway - why is this significant? Because Belarus' response to the coronavirus was even weaker than Sweden's! They've pretty much completely ignored COVID (archive) - schools were closed only for two additional weeks, businesses stayed open, sports were still being played, (AFAIK, the only country in the world to do so), and even a huge military parade was held (archive) with most participants not wearing masks. If the rate of infection depended on the severity of lockdown, we would expect Belarus to rank way above Sweden - yet it's the opposite (again, less than half the cases). Comparing to some other countries - in Spain, 5.7% of people who get tested turn out to have the virus. Belgium - 5.5%; Netherlands - 9%; Switzerland - 6.1%; Germany - 4%; France - 8%; Turkey - 6.3%. So, Belarus (6.7%) is right in line with countries that have had huge lockdowns. Brazil is another funny example - 45% people tested have COVID despite all the restrictions. Let that sink in - it's pretty much irrefutable evidence that the lockdowns were pointless and have nothing whatsoever to do with the amount of infections. Of course, this also kills any computer model which relied on the recommended measures being effective (e.g the Imperial College model). Though it's the amount of actual cases that matters more (since the lockdowns should have prevented contagion, but didn't) - the original claim was about death rates, so let's check those out:

According to the June 9 worldometer data (archive) - Sweden's death rate is a little over 10% of all corona cases! This has been used by the media as proof (archive) that it's their lax response which has caused the deaths. Let's bust that claim right open:

Similar to Italy - it's just old people yet again. I suspect a bunch of "co-morbidities" as well, but I don't think we have such great data proving that as from Italy. However, I managed to dig up an interesting quote (archive):

Data includes deaths with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis where the cause of death isn't attributed to Covid-19.

And so, it is very likely that - as in Italy - all these old people are simply dying from the diseases they've already had. Comparing with Belarus (June 9 data cause I don't want to redo the calcs):

Can't make this up. 49,453 cases and only 276 deaths gives a death rate of 0.55 percent per coronavirus case. So, only one out of 200 infected people will die from it. I wonder how would the fearmongers squirm out of these damning statistics? They totally kill the "Sweden's lack of lockdown is causing all these deaths" theory. As well as all the models and predictions that have been provided. After all, pretty much every other country has implemented draconian measures to combat COVID-19 - and they still come out much higher than Belarus in the amount of casualties. E.g the UK has 14%, Spain 9.4%, Greece a little over 6%, etc. Funny how the country with the least restrictions also ends up with the smallest death percentage. Of course, the stat that (again) matters more is the amount of actual cases - I suspect the high death rates are just propaganda claims. Think about it: why would the same virus suddenly kill twenty times more people that have it, just because it's another country? Maybe they get better treatment in certain places, but I doubt Belarus is the king in that department; and anyway, the difference should not be so huge. Or, those countries could simply have more deadly variants of coronavirus - but then, it would be a lie to consider all those together as a single COVID-19 and would also kill the narrative. The simplest and most likely explanation is that Belarus' stats show the maximum true death rate of corona when reported accurately - the other countries are simply faking it (see Italy again). On the other hand - as long as the tests being used have similar accuracy - the amount of cases should go down as restrictions go up. Yet that has been totally reversed in this comparison. This is such a big blow to the mainstream narrative that we could end the report right here. But of course there's much more to say, so let's dig further:

Other fake claims

Okay, so they lied about pretty much everything in regards to the novel coronavirus. But surely, it still exists. Wouldn't it be nice to know how it came about?

Theory of origin

There are lots of theories for the origin of the virus. The mainstream have mostly focused on animal hosts, especially bats (archive), but also pangolins (archive) and snakes (archive). Alternative media have jumped onto the bioweapon theories - whether created by the USA (archive) or the Chinese (archive). I was even able to find a theory of the virus being brought by a meteorite (archive). How to make sense of all this?

The first genetic sequence of the virus was uploaded to GenBank on January 10 ( (archive)). On March 24, Icelandic scientists found 40 different variants (archive) already - and all those came only from 3 different countries. How many more are there running around elsewhere, or undetected? And have any of those been shown to cause the diseases attributed to nCov? How do we even know the one from Wuhan was the first one? A genetic analysis (archive) appears to show the origin was elsewhere. Still - with the amount of variants and the fact that coronaviruses have been around since ages - we can see that the single, murderous COVID-19 we've been threatened with is an illusion. And so - since all the above theories rely in there being a single novel coronavirus - they must be wrong. But let's dig deeper as usual:

Microbes - the basics

Bacteria and viruses are microscopic organisms which are everywhere (archive) - you touch billions of them every day, and you cannot avoid them. The former can reproduce by itself - the latter needs a host cell (such as plant or animal) to survive. Over half (archive) of the cells in your body are microbial, including 8% of viral DNA (archive) that we're born with. Don't you think that - if these microbes were so harmful - that the body wouldn't bother keeping so many of them around? Either that, or we'd all be dying from infections. But we don't because of two reasons:

First, we have an immune system that can kill every single bacteria and virus in existence - including the mighty COVID-19 (archive) or even salmonella (archive). If this wasn't the case - and we required a vaccine for every new pathogen that might appear (and this happens all the time (archive)) - anyone who didn't get it would just die. We have survived on this Earth for millions of years, and for a lot of that time, there was no handwash, antibiotics, masks or stuff like that. Yet we're still here today, because our immune system is very effective at its job. However, certain things (that are - surprise surprise - very common in industrialized societies) can weaken it. These include nutrient deficiencies such as vitamins A, C and D (archive), refined sugar (archive), industrial seed oils (archive) and psychological stress (archive).

The second reason is that the infectious theory of disease is very much in doubt. Bacteria perform extremely important jobs (archive) in our bodies - such as supplying essential nutrients, synthesizing vitamin K, aiding in the digestion of cellulose, and promoting angiogenesis and enteric nerve function. Increasingly, beneficial functions are also being found for viruses (archive) - Latent herpesviruses also affect natural killer (NK) cells, an important line of defense against pathogens and cancer because they kill virus-infected cells and tumor cells, in addition to producing cytokines like interferon. In this amazing interview (archive), medical doctor Andrew Kaufman explains that what is called viruses are actually exosomes made by our cells to defend against toxic substances or injuries (2:37-4:21; then 43:51-45:30). If that is true, then it means getting "infected" by those would be beneficial, and the mainstream is fighting against a phantom. It also tells of experiments which have shown that the extremely deadly Spanish Flu (archive) could not be proven contagious at all! And they truly tried very hard to prove that it was - including having the infected people directly cough on others. The whole interview is full of interesting information - highly recommend watching it all. Also, let me clarify that I'm not saying infectious diseases don't exist at all - only that just because we're told something is infectious, doesn't necessarily make it so. There is historical precedent (archive) for creating fake pandemics in order to push the responsibility onto a harmless virus while spreading poisons into the environment - that are actually the disease-causing agents.

Do the authorities have our best interests in mind?

If that wasn't obvious already - fuck no. Besides all the fakery in the previous sections - I can prove it with one quote from the WHO:

Not yet. To date, there is no vaccine and no specific antiviral medicines against COVID-19. However, people, particularly those with serious illness, may need to be hospitalized so that they can receive life-saving treatment for complications.. Most patients recover thanks to such care. 

Possible vaccines and some specific drug treatments are currently under investigation. They are being tested through clinical trials. WHO is coordinating efforts to develop vaccines and medicines to prevent and treat COVID-19. 

The most effective ways to protect yourself and others against COVID-19 are to:

So they claim there is no cure for COVID-19. Surely, with 7000 experts working on there, they should know a thing or two about the immune system and how it kills microbes all the time. And, there are things we can do to support it (such as nutrition, exercise, etc - which actually have evidence for their effectiveness) that the WHO and other pseudo-authorities completely fail to mention. On the other hand, they recommend measures that are at best unproven and at worst harmful:

What is the proper course of action against infections, then? How about supporting your immune system - which is what has to deal with any kind of virus or bacteria, anyway? Here are some relevant quotes from the excellent book The Wheel of Health:

These areas of infection due to the same cause were very varied in character and situation. One rat would have something wrong with its ear, another with its stomach, another with its bladder, and so on.
Actually, 44 percent of the 92 rats had something wrong with their urinary organs; 24 percent with their ears and noses; 38 percent with their eyes; 21 percent with their stomachs and intestines; and 9 percent with their lungs.
If a source of Vitamin A, such as butter, cod liver oil or egg yolk formed a part of the diet, infective lesions were never seen in rats, the addition of these substances to the deficient diets, generally resulted in rapid improvement and ultimate cure.

So, rats fed shitty diets get infections - but the ones given a good diet don't and can in fact rapidly cure themselves - proving the WHO completely wrong. Of course, these infections were unspecified, but there's no reason to think COVID-19 would somehow be exempt. No need for vaccines or all the slavery measures that were taken up. Yet the authorities are trying their best to ignore how biology actually works.

Okay, so...what is the origin of the virus?

It doesn't actually exist! It's been made up by the people from Event-201, or maybe someone above them. I've already shown earlier "the coronavirus" has many variants - so calling them a single virus is disingenuous. Worse than that, there is no proof they cause disease. Recall that the tests are also not specific for the novel coronavirus - so even if you've shown it causing harm, it could be just those other bat viruses that the tests can't distinguish from nCov. We can't even be sure that the virus appeared in November 2019. After all, coronaviruses have existed for a very long time and are constantly mutating - all the fearmongers needed to do was pick one and blame everything on it - and I think this theory makes the most sense of all. UPDATE: ha! It turns out that this "novel" coronavirus has been around in Spain since at least March 2019 and antibodies for it have been found in Italians long before the virus was officially discovered (September 2019). Ask yourself this: if this super deadly invader already existed half a year before the fake pandemic, why haven't we heard about masses of people suffering - and dying - from this super serious COVID disease? In any regular year, the symptoms now blamed on nCov would simply be considered the flu / common cold (or even unnoticed) and taken on the chin. Or - in case someone has chronic diseases and comes down with something serious - that would be the explanation used. This year though, the fearmongering has caused everyone to see COVID-19 everywhere. I've known people who have attributed everything possible to the "novel coronavirus" - bone pain, headaches, tiredness, coughing - even if they've had those symptoms for years. The only thing "novel" about the virus is the narrative; it is just a convenient label onto which all the terrible things are blamed - but which in reality have many contributing factors (including other diseases, environmental pollution, or just making stuff up). The bioweapon theory is controlled opposition which allows the frauds to get the alternative media on board while still keeping the facade of there being a single, murderous COVID-19. Many conspiracy theorists have started putting all the blame on China for releasing this horrible monster onto the whole of humanity. So now the focus is on how bad China is, distracting people from the fake pandemic and the resulting policies. Isn't that just convenient? Remember that Event-201 had people both from the US and China. The US even gave money to the Wuhan lab to study coronaviruses (archive). The "USA versus China" war is as real as Mozilla vs Google. Summarizing: the pandemic inventors needed a single monster under the bed to pretend to fight against. It didn't even need to be real - just be accepted as such by people. If we were told that there are thousands of different viruses, many undiscovered, some of which cause certain diseases in already unhealthy people (but many of which live in our bodies completely harmlessly, or even help us), which the immune system will still fight off most of the time (and which we can support by changing our habits) - that wouldn't work very well as a fearmongering campaign, would it? But why do they need to scare us, anyway?

The blueprint for slavery


Let's look at what kinds of changes have happened in the world as a result of this fraudulent pandemic:

So - you can't leave the country, town or for many people - the house; can't go to a sports event, talk to or even be near people, can't cut your hair or blow your money in a casino since all that stuff is closed. Independent info is gone (at least from the biggest platforms) and we're bombarded with propaganda every waking second. You're tracked by phone apps or even drones. Punishments for leaving home arrest or questioning the official theories are the norm. Thought experiment: if there was no coronavirus "pandemic", how would you call this situation? For me, the most fitting term is slavery. But, this is just the beginning of what they're planning to do, which is:

Plans of the elite and how they'll be reached (or not)

I must say - "the coronavirus" has been amazingly successful at bringing us closer to all the above - but it's not enough. They will need a few more fake pandemics, school shootings, terrorist attacks, child porn scandals, environmental disasters, etc. which are all staged for this exact purpose. The main barrier is our mentality - which must be fully transformed into a helpless, cucked, Stockholm Syndrome one - before they can implement all their policies unchallenged. This is why they spend so much effort on scaremongering - you must have the idea that resistance is futile and to trust the experts forced into your head 24 / 7 until it sticks. The strategy seems to be working:

These statistics from Poland show that only 3% of people are against the draconian government policies. Indians have even accepted being marked like animals (archive) . There is some hope (archive) though:

Neder said she and her son were placed in quarantine for several days and were told to await testing for the deadly virus. While in the hospital, Neder says she took a pregnancy test and discovered she was pregnant. Neder told The Times that the conditions at the hospital left her desperate to escape. „The conditions there were awful. Doctors were very unprofessional and not wearing any protective gear,“ she said. „We had no choice but to jump out of [the] window.“
Another woman named Alla Ilyina told The Times that she had been quarantined in a St. Petersburg hospital after returning from Hainan last month. Despite testing negative for the coronavirus, she remained under lockdown in the hospital, which she likened to a „cage.“
„I drew up a map before and made a detailed plan,“ she told The Times. „When evening came and the medical staff had let their guard down, I short-circuited the magnetic lock in my containment room and opened the door.“

Sounds almost like escaping a high-security prison. However, this kind of stuff would need to happen on a mass-scale - including standing up to the would-be kidnappers. However, lone wolves cannot enact the necessary systemic changes. Eventually, the police, media, AI surveillance, courts, prisons, etc. would take care of them and break the spirits of everyone else. To combat this, people need to meet up and plan for a destruction of the above systems enslaving them - but with the scare isolating everyone from each other, that's becoming increasingly unlikely. When all the ideas listed earlier become normalized in people's minds - and a whole generation will be born and raised learning exclusively the cucked behaviors from their parents (or the Mind Link) - only then will the possibility of a revolution die.

If this was not a PSY-OP

I was about to finish up this report, but I've got an idea which should bury the official story once and for all (without drowning yourself with yet more sources or explanations). Recall the list of things I've posted in the Mozilla report that they would have done if they cared about the stuff they espouse? I'm going to try to do something similar here - what would have actually happened if this was a real (not engineered) pandemic that was claiming all these lives, endangering humanity and that the authorities are earnestly trying to stop? Let's just get to it:

Even the evil Mozilla has at least put (weak) tracking protection in their browser by default since I've posted the list (but have brought in some new malicious stuff, of course). On the other hand, in the COVID-19 case the authorities did absolutely nothing that helps people and a shitload that hurts them. When even the fucking Devil (Mozilla) has more ethics than you, you know you're really special. Anyway, I suspected this pandemic was fake news right from the beginning (knowing that the spooks have pulled off similar scams before) - but there was still some doubt lingering around in my mind. Now, I am absolutely sure this is only a PSY-OP. Since starting this, I've seen zero evidence to support the official story and no justifications for what the authorities are doing. Nothing I've read and none of the people I've talked to were able to show me anything substantial. In fact, the deeper I dig, the more damning information I find and the whole thing just seems like a sick joke. For me, I think the investigation of this increasingly smelly pile of cow dung is done (UPDATE: of course, I did not keep promise - just way too much great info appeared to ignore it). Now, all that remains is to wait for the aftermath and hope we can get through it with some freedom still remaining. Let me end on this note, and have a nice day ^_^.

Additional resources

The topic is obviously massive - there are people with similar perspectives, covering stuff that I haven't or from a slightly different angle. Let me list some of those:

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