Kenyan government mandates DNA linked national ID

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The rebranded, National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) now requires all Kenyans, immigrants, and refugees to turn over their DNA, GPS coordinates of their residential address, retina scans, iris pattern, voice waves, and earlobe geometry before being issued critical identification documents.

This is a clear step towards the kind of world I've described in my Technological slavery article. Since you need ID to do anything pretty much (unless you go live in the woods), you will have to give up all the above data. Imagine the complete slavery and hopelessness that could result. Intelligent cameras will easily detect you by the earlobe geometry, and the voice data might even identify you through an anonymously uploaded YouTube video. Finally, they might simply replace IDs altogether with the iris scans and such - creating a world where anyone can be turned off at the elites' whim. For now this is just Kenya (a test run?), but they will for sure bring this system to other countries eventually.

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