MGM Could Replace Many Employees with Robots

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Among those who could be replaced are cashiers and bartenders. Automatic technology that can make drinks would replace the bartenders and monetary transactions could be done through standard payment technology. There would also be mobile payment processors going around the floor with the wait staff, eliminating the need for cashiers. There is no indication as to how many such jobs would be replaced at the MGM properties.

Cashiers and bartenders - exactly as said in my Capitalism will die - but will it take us with it? article.

The Las Vegas Culinary Union (LVCU), which represents bartenders, kitchen staff, and wait staff, reached a five-year deal in June 2018 with the MGM. The agreement guarantees that MGM will not implement any technology that would have a negative impact on employment. However, the news that the MGM is considering replacing some workers with robots could mean that the company is not willing to fulfill this agreement.

So the company promised they will not be replacing people with robots, and is now breaking that promise. Robot revolution can't be denied.

A McKinsey and Company report estimates that robots could take over as many as 800 million jobs globally by 2030. This is especially the case in advanced economies, such as in the United States.

Recall what I've said in my article - I think it will take no more than 10 years to see the huge effects of the robot revolution all over the world. Seems I've got it exactly right - over 10% of people in the whole world will be kicked out of their jobs by 2030, and be at the mercy of the governments. But wait, the capitalists have an answer as usual:

As a result, millions of people will have to learn new skill sets in order to adapt and find employment. Not all industries will face the same struggles. Jobs involving social interaction, applying expertise, or managing people naturally will not be replaceable by robot technology.

The standard blaming of the victim - just get better skills! And of course those engineer and scientist jobs will appear out of thin air for all the teenagers to do. Forget about this - those people will be left to die. That's why capitalism has to be killed and we don't have much more time before the corpses line up the streets (as the report above proves).

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