Amazon removes books promoting autism cures and vaccine misinformation

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Amazon is removing from its online marketplace “autism cure” books that unscientifically claim children can be cured of autism with pseudoscientific methods such as ingesting and bathing in a potentially toxic form of bleach and taking medication meant to treat arsenic and lead poisoning.

How about letting the buyers decide if these are unscientific or potentially toxic?

At the time of its removal, “Fight Autism and Win” sold for $25 and had a 4.8 star rating and 54 customer reviews.

We're going to censor your ass, quality of the book be damned!

“During our review process, we found that the subject matter of your book is in violation of our content guidelines,” the screenshot posted by Cook stated. “As a result we cannot offer this book for sale.”

And no specific violation was cited. What this actually is is modern book burning. Whatever you think about the autism cures or anti-vaccination, you should be against this attack on buyer choice. Situations like these reveal who really cares about freedom and who just pretends to until someone says something he doesn't like. And unfortunately, most people seem to be the latter - even in communities you'd think would know better! Since many platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch etc. are doing the same thing, we could soon have a world where all the content you are allowed to see is carefully controlled by the elites.