Vizio wants next-generation smart TVs to target ads to households

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While Inscape, which specializes in smart TV data, will build the technology, it will be an open standard, meaning any TV manufacturer or connected-device company will be able to integrate the standard in their products.

The consortium of companies, dubbed Project OAR, or Open Addressable Ready, hopes to define the technical standards for TV programmers and platforms to deliver addressable advertising on smart TVs, which are WiFi-enabled TVs with apps for services like Netflix Inc and Hulu, by the end of this year, McAfee said.

So, a year from now every smart TV is supposed to have targeted advertising (I mean you don't think companies won't jump at the opportunity, do you?). The plan, it seems, is to have mind control in every house. This is like the Alexa assitant that worked with the police - there's no "safe space" anymore - they will get you everywhere. Unless you live alone, and can avoid those products - but the issue of visiting others (say, family that doesn't care about privacy) is still there.

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