Microsoft Calls On Tech Giants For More Censorship To Prevent People From Sharing, Viewing Violent Content

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Recall what I've said in Mozilla - Devil Incarnate:

Okay, it's time for the final conclusion. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Mozilla are all different heads of the same hydra, looking to control the Internet and the world.

All the "competition" between the corporations is FAKE. Like left vs right, black vs white, woman vs man, Mozilla vs Google - all manufactured so that you're fighting useless wars while The Hydra uses its many heads to accomplish its aim of controlling the world.

And the proof appeared sooner than I had anticipated - all the big online corpos will now be collaborating to globally censor anything they don't like. From the news piece:

Microsoft also wants to pool resources with other tech giants, creating a globalized, one-tech-nation command center where they can initiate a protocol to remotely lockdown content deemed “violent” or “extreme” by the AI

[...] that the general public should not be allowed to spread, share, discuss, or access this information independent or separate from what the AI allows them to access

The implications of this are staggering and might be the most important news piece this month. The vast majority of online discussions happens on the above big corpo platforms - and now all of it will be completely controlled by the AI. It will decide what you can and can't post or see, and you will not even be aware that it's happening (if your rulers decide so). It is not enough for them to just remove content they deem offending anymore (or even arrest people) - you simply cannot be allowed to see it. Now how did this idea come about at all?

If Microsoft’s plan does go through and they manage to coalesce with Facebook, Twitter, and Google on stricter content sharing policies and digital social interactions, then they’ll basically be caring out exactly what the Christchurch shooter wanted.

So, it's the shooting again. Makes you wonder if it wasn't arranged to justify this exact initiative (so-called false flag attack)...And yes, the plan will absolutely go through. Do you really think they will pass up on this complete censorship opportunity? Brace yourself, for we're about to witness the full control of the Internet.

What can we do? Obviously, the first step is to immediately get away from all the big corpo platforms! To get your news, use independent websites like this one ^_^ (NaturalNews is another good one). As for discussion - find some smaller Internet forums, especially those with little or no censorship policy (best bet is But even something like reddit - though it has lots of its own issues - is way better than succumbing to big corpo AI auto-censorship. A better, though less active, reddit alternative is (warning - leftist focus, white man hating and all that; but you can discuss stuff there that you can rarely elsewhere, such as shoplifting). Become an adventurer and find your own places to hang around!

Long term, however, we have to move to platforms that we ourselves control. XMPP group chats, mailing lists, IRC, whatever. Even longer term, as explained in Avoiding "The Botnet" - impossible? - we must take over the networks. Since the elites will not stop at this in their psychopathic mission to control humanity. Soon, ISPs will join in and start blocking VPN, Tor, encryption, "terrorist" (non big corpo) sites, torrents - while we will be left increasingly helpless. So let's use the time we have on the relatively-free Internet to create a plan of action.

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