Alexa, call the police! Smart assistants should come with a 'moral AI' to decide whether to report their owners for breaking the law, experts say

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Smart assistants could soon come with a 'moral AI' to decide whether to report their owners for breaking the law. That's the suggestion of academics at who say that household gadgets like the Amazon Echo and Google Home should be enhanced with ethical smart software.

Devices would then have an internal 'discussion' about suspect behaviour, weighing up conflicting demands between the law and personal freedoms, before arriving at the 'best' course of action.

And of course, the personal freedoms will end up secondary - if they are considered at all!

'If we want to avoid Orwellian outcomes it's important that all stakeholders are identified and have a say, including when machines shouldn't be able to listen in. Right now only the manufacturer decides.'

But what if they don't want to avoid Orwellian outcomes? Then only the manufacturer will decide, as they admit the situation is now.

In Technological slavery, I've written that the elites intend to use intelligent cameras to live-analyze everyone's movement in regards to "suspicion". Of course, this only works on the assumption that people will act "suspicious" outside. They could easily keep their illegal acts in the house, which would be safe from the prying eyes. That problem is beautifully solved with these so-called smart assistants, and the house becomes enemy territory like the rest of the world already is.

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