Tencent adds "digital lock" to certain games in China

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Tencent is using technology such as facial recognition and player ID checks to ascertain the ages and identities of those playing Honour of Kings and other titles in China.

Age checks have been a staple for very long time, but it's the first time I see it done through fucking facial recognition. Pure Technological slavery. Of course, as with every invention like that, there will be many flaws - people with younger-looking faces will be penalized. We can expect much hilarity coming out of this, similar to what happened with Content ID that flagged bird songs as copyrighted.

In addition, it has already imposed limits on how long young players can play the game, and imposed rules for streaming its game content prohibiting things like violence, information about gambling or pornography, national politics, or other "damaging behavior."

So the government replaces the parent. I get it, it's in China - but that doesn't mean it's not coming to your country soon as well. Consider this a preparation for what the elites are about to do - instead of a reason to claim your country superior. In fact, YouTube, Twitch, etc. are already censoring streams just like Tencent does it. Also a reminder to not play shitty mobile games that are easily controlled.